Negociants BADET CLEMENT purchase Domaine du Trésor

Date of publication : 19 January 2016

In December 2015 negociants BADET CLEMENT became the new owners of Domaine du Trésor at Ouveilhan in the Aude.

Badet Clement currently retail 15M bottles for a turnover of 45M€ in 2015. In purchasing the Domaine du Trésor, the negociant is acquiring 94ha of contiguous vineyard classed IGP Pays d’Oc complete with a winery. The entire vineyard is irrigated and planted with noble varieties.

“We have observed that our demand for IGP Pays d’Oc, and specifically for our Les Jamelles brand, has risen,” explains Emmanuel de Salve, Director of Marketing, who also confirmed the group’s desire to “strengthen production development, as regards sourcing as much as vinification.”