Vineyard estates

REF : RV70

50 contiguous hectares in AOP Duché d’Uzès and IGP


Located 20 km to the north of Nîmes and its international airport, the 50 ha property is situated close to an attractive local village with all amenities. The housing and farm buildings are positioned at the heart of the property, not far from a river, in a rural setting.

The main house is a modern building of 140 m², surrounded by a 2 500 m² enclosed garden. The house is oil-heated. Further housing on the property includes two apartments (100 m² and 64 m²) and an occupied 150 m² house with 3 500 m² garden. It should be noted that the latter house is at present occupied by the current owner’s mother, and that she wishes to retain the right to her occupancy (single person, 95 years old).  A 10 m x 5 m swimming pool with 40 m² pool house is found close to the housing. The farm buildings cover approximately 800 m².

With a total capacity of 2 400 hl in cement tanks, the winery spreads over more than 400 m². The current owner has been taking the harvest to the local cooperative cellar for some years and the winery requires modernising and full re-equipment.

The farm buildings include several hangars, sheds and outbuildings.

Situated not far from a river, the property spreads over nearly 50 hectares of contiguous land. The land is classed AOP Duché d’Uzès and IGP. The entire property can be irrigated by borehole.

At present, close to 27 ha of vines are planted. The vines are well maintained and approximately 21 ha are planted with noble varieties. 15.3 ha of vines are classed AOP Duché d’Uzès and 11.5 ha are classed IGP. The IGP zone is extremely fertile, facilitating a high production of varietal wines. 22 ha of high quality arable land could also be planted to bring the total vineyard area to a potential of nearly 49 ha.

Price guide: 2 100 000 euros net vendor, stock and standing crop to be added.

Agency fees of 5% net of VAT and legal costs to be added.