Vineyard estates

REF : RV58


At the heart of the Rhône valley, this commercial vineyard property spans the Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Villages appellations.

Forming a single contiguous plot, the property is situated not far from an attractive village and just 20 mins away from the nearest motorway exit.

The main house is a modern building, located at the entrance to the property and facing the wine shop. It offers approximately 170 m² of living space. The farm buildings cover a total of 2390 m². The winery buildings comprise:

  • 270 m² winery containing 4050 hl of stainless steel and cement tanks
  • Sales/ bottling/ wine storage with 1590 hl of stainless steel tanks
  • Tartaric precipitation hall with 2 x 150 hl fibreglass tanks
  • 450 m² underground aging cellar equipped with 36 barrels and 3 x 50 hl tuns

The winery comprises a total capacity of approximately 5 800 hl in stainless steel and cement tanks.

The farm buildings are also considerable and extend outwards from the back of the winery buildings:

  • 300 m² farm hangar with 150 m² of solar panels
  • 120 m² farm hangar
  • 60 m² vine grafting hall
  • 60 m² garage

The estate farms a total 57 ha of vineyard of which 18 ha are farmed through a tenancy lease. 36.4 ha are classed AOP Côtes du Rhône, 14 ha are classed Côtes du Rhône Villages and 6.7 ha are IGP. 1.7 ha of grafting vines are also farmed.

The vineyard is well maintained and planted with quality varietals: of the 57 ha planted, 32 ha are planted with Syrah and Grenache.

The vineyard includes 7.8 ha of white varieties of which the predominant variety is Grenache Blanc (30 %).

The entire vineyard may be irrigated via the BRL water network. Average yield is around 50 hl/ha.


Currently approximately 30 % of production is sold in bottle with a high level of on-site sales. The remaining 70 % is sold in bulk to local wholesalers. Annual turnover was around 570 000 € in 2016.

Price guide: 3 500 000 euros net vendor, stock and standing crop to be added. Agency fees of 5 % net of VAT and legal costs to be added.